Digital Marketing Products

LeadVenture offers a full suite of digital marketing tools to enhance online presence and increase leads for dealerships of all sizes.

With a deep well of industry expertise and a drive to do right by our dealer partners, our team creates powerful digital marketing strategies designed to generate long-term success.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives a higher volume of organic traffic to dealership websites by increasing the websites’ ranking on search engines. Outfitting a website with well-written, keyword-rich content attracts search engine algorithms and earns that site a higher listing. By enhancing the online visibility of their business, dealers can promote their brand and build their reputation.


Paid Search Ads are a popular form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that enhances the quality of online leads by engaging a dealer’s target audience—online users who have shown promising interest in relevant products. Through paid ads, a dealer can feature their dealership at the top of the search engine results page, where customers perform the bulk of their online research. Advertising to qualified prospects through pay-per-click and display ads on sites like Google directs enthusiastic buyers to directly to your online inventory listings.


Like Paid Search Ads, Social Media Marketing uses paid advertising to engage promising leads on popular social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Motivated shoppers often turn to social media to discover new local businesses, which makes a strong social presence crucial for dealers. Social Media Marketing uses laser-focused targeting abilities to get ad content in front of social media users whose online interests and behaviors align with the dealership’s offerings.


LeadVenture’s Marketing Automation services prevent sales leads from falling through the cracks, while saving dealers time on engaging each lead. Dealers easily can identify and track website visitors, see the entire history of every website visitor and prioritize those visitors with Lead Scoring, a system unique to each dealership’s needs and business priorities. Leads receive custom, automated marketing emails personalized to their interests and designed to take them through the buying process. 


Today’s customers are doing the bulk of their research online, but they do not always go straight from the search engine to a dealer’s website. Website Retargeting, Behavioral Targeting, Geofence Targeting and Video & OTT/CTV Advertising let dealers reach online customers and capture their attention wherever they go—both online and offline. 


Our directory management service streamlines business information across more than 150 digital services globally so that prospects can access accurate, complete information no matter where they are searching. 


With so many online options, a dealership’s reputation matters more than ever. LeadVenture’s Reputation Management tools help boost a dealership’s online brand equity, track how online shoppers feel about the dealership’s brand and bring in more business online and in-store.

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