Digital Retailing Tools

With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, LeadVenture wants to help dealers stay in front of online shoppers' shifting expectations and needs.

Our digital retailing tools connect dealerships with more leads and increase buyer excitement around inventory and services.


Give online customers a similar experience to visiting the physical dealership showroom—but from the comfort of their homes. Our 360-degree photography application provides a step-by-step guide to creating impressive full-spin images. 


Provide sales leads with a crucial and convenient lifeline to the customer support team! Our live chat tool connects dealers with online leads in real time — customer support team members can use text, email and Facebook Messenger integration to answer questions, address concerns and guide shoppers through the buying journey. 


Today’s consumers are on-the-go shoppers, and with a flexible communication tool, dealers can engage prospects, promote sales, collect payment, request individual reviews and provide information on maintenance and repair services no matter where the dealers or their customers are located.


Expand the visibility of dealer inventory through third-party integrations with listing sites like Craigslist, eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Auction123 helps dealerships reach more qualified buyers who are searching for units on top selling platforms and provides services such as automated inventory management and listing processes, eye-catching ads and easy tracking on each bid offer.


Sell parts and accessories inventory directly on dealer websites and push listings to popular third-party platforms with eCommerce, a fully equipped online selling platform. eCommerce offers streamlined inventory management to ensure the latest PG&A inventory is always available on a dealer’s website—where their customers can locate it easily with eCommerce’s lookup feature.


A dealer’s time is a valuable commodity—we ensure they do not get slowed down by uploading multiple inventory entries to their website. Inventory Import’s automated process imports listings from the dealer management system to their website and runs the feeds process nightly to ensure dealers and shoppers always have access to the latest inventory data. 

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