OEM & Distributor Programs

LeadVenture provides comprehensive and seamless solutions that connect OEMs and distributors with their dealer networks.

OEMs and distributors can reinforce brand presence, respond to dealer needs and turn more shoppers into loyal buyers with the support of LeadVenture’s brands.


LeadVenture's Branded Zones allow manufacturers to drive consumer traffic and online leads to a brand-exclusive shopping experience through their dealer network.

These brand-exclusive digital spaces offer consistently branded experiences, proprietary content, a showroom catalog, brand-specific promotions, and access to only the manufacturer’s inventory, free from excess clutter and competing brands.

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Too often, consumers research vehicles or products for hours without ever learning that a compelling manufacturer incentive is available. Reduce confusion, increase visibility and create urgency with an effortless integration.

Our powerful Dynamic Incentives solution matches OEM promotions to live dealer inventory, ensuring consumers are seeing the qualifying OEM promotion or incentive when viewing a vehicle or product on the dealer’s website.

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We amplify OEMs’ social media messages!

Through collaboration with OEMs, we craft brand-approved social media posts and post them out to their dealer networks’ social media feeds, where they are seen by sales leads. Busy dealers have little time to create fresh, new content that is compliant with manufacturers’ brand standards. Our social media service works to the benefit of both parties by posting pre-approved material on the dealers’ behalf, growing audience engagement for dealers and brand growth for OEMs.


We enable OEMs and distributors to drive revenue growth and build customer loyalty by leveraging the power of their global customer network.

Our comprehensive suite of award-winning products, PartSmart Connect, offers integrated software solutions that are designed to streamline after-sale support workflows, amplify dealer/customer reach and engagement and deliver an optimized shopping and buying experience for customers.

OEMs can now capture a larger percentage of the total available market for genuine parts with the help of PartSmart Connect. This suite of software products helps OEMs simplify their workflows, execute best customer support practices and optimize their communications with their dealer network.


OEMs can work more efficiently and provide their customer networks with instant access to up-to-date parts data by authoring and publishing catalog content in seconds. Real-time data updates give dealers/customers instant access to the latest parts, pricing and after-sale support information.


OEMs can deliver marketing campaigns, send highly target messages to their customer network and collect performance metrics. Communications are delivered directly in PartSmart—LeadVenture’s one-of-a-kind parts lookup solution—ensuring messages are always seen by customers. OEMs can then access the key performance metrics of each campaign directly on the Engage dashboard.


With Data Assist, OEMs can receive direct feedback from dealers/customers, make data changes and publish updates out to PartSmart 10 within minutes. A process that previously required days or even weeks to achieve can now be completed in a fraction of that time. OEMs can now provide higher data quality and accuracy, which leads to an increase in dealer satisfaction and better engagement across their dealer network.


Insights keeps OEMs informed on their network activities by delivering crucial analytics on how their customers interact within the PartSmart Connect platform. This enables OEMs to make better business decisions based on servicing needs, analyze trends to drive revenues and effectively meet fulfillment demands.


The dealer-facing electronic parts catalog distributes up-to-date parts information, improves sales productivity and drives parts and services revenue. Catalog data is published in real time, providing dealers with instant access to the latest replacement parts and pricing information directly from the OEM. 


LeadVenture has the experience and connections that OEMs and distributors need to supercharge product data and drive more sales.

Our full-service, do-it-for-me electronic cataloging ensures that an OEM’s or distributor’s most up-to-date, accurate product data is available to resellers. OEMs and distributors receive unmatched industry exposure for their brand and products through our extensive sales network.

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