Dynamic Incentives

Increase visibility and create urgency with an effortless integration.

Create shopper urgency by maximizing promotion visibility on dealer websites across your network.

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Discover the Key to Unlocking Your Sales Potential

Optimize your brand's visibility by displaying promotions alongside inventory where it matters most.

Our data reveals a significant gap in reaching customers with promotions:

Less than 1% of shoppers interact with OEM promotions while browsing dealership websites.

Reinforcing the crucial role of strategically integrating your manufacturer promotions.

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Increase Visibility and Create Urgency with Effortless Integration

Modernize promotion use, overcoming the traditional limitations of separated promotional pages. Effortlessly integrate your manufacturer promotions with dealer inventory to increase visibility, drive shopper urgency, and further develop the dealer-OEM relationship.


Cut Confusion and Simplify Choices

Dealership staff and shoppers can now quickly find eligible promotions without the guesswork. Promotions are articulated, making the shopping experience as straightforward as possible.

Key Features:
  • Maximize Impact with High-Value Call-to-Action Merchandising
  • OEM Promotions Attached to Respective Units
  • Eliminate Confusion Financing, Terms, and Conditions

Track & Optimize with Powerful Analytics

Leverage precise KPI reports and gain valuable insights into promotional reach and effectiveness with Dynamic Incentives, ultimately optimizing OEM marketing strategies for peak performance.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard
  • Predictive Insights on Buyer Behavior
  • Direct Link Between Marketing Strategies and Search Results

Why Partner with LeadVenture?

LeadVenture is the preeminent digital solutions provider with a proven track record in digital retailing, eCommerce, PG&A, and digital marketing. We serve over 200 OEMs and Distributors and 55,000 dealership customers. Our mission is to revolutionize your digital outreach with turnkey solutions, helping you achieve sustainable growth through increased sales.

Optimize Your Digital Presence with LeadVenture

Optimize your digital presence with LeadVenture's Branded Zones and become a trailblazer in this new era of shopping experience. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand thrive in this digital landscape.

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